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Review of The HCG Weight Plan

When people plan to lose weight they majorly focus on fat and not other elements of the body. HCG has been practiced for many years and people have to figure out what they want in order to complete the diet plan. The program is popular with women and most of them have confirmed that it has worked for them so you need to know all about the program before taking any steps.

The Best Way to Use HCG To Lose Weight
HCG is supposed to suppress hunger so most of the day you will eat only what you need and you are good to go. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), is a hormone found during the early stages of pregnancy at high levels plus it is used as a marker in home pregnancy tests. If you are suffering from extreme weight gain then you should consider getting the best diet plan to shed off the fat and have a life changing forever.

The hospital can write a prescription so that their clients can get the best HCG hormones that work for them. You can get the hormone in various forms like pellets and sprays from the internet so they can get the best results within a short period. The body will detect if there is any foreign body which is exactly how the HCG hormone works since the body thinks that the woman is pregnant. People can take note of what they eat easily since they know what quantity they are supposed to take.

Fat is burned in the body when you need it and the calories are saved so you will have enough energy to carry on with the program. There are three phases when ones start using the hormone while the first is known as the loading phase. The second includes taking HCG and having an intake of 500 calories per day for 3-6 weeks. Each stage is unique while the last stage is called maintenance stage where the woman is advised to stop the hormone and increase food intake for three weeks. For people who have excess weight then they are advised to continue using the strategy until it works for them.

Your food should have a portion of lean protein, vegetable plus a piece of bread and fruit. You can also add some food types if you want, but only at certain levels so that you do not go back to your old self.

If you are serious about the losing weight loss then you should take time and find what diet plan works for your and impact it will have on your overall health.

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