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Parking: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Use Offsite Parking at Newark Airport to Save Money

Airport parking is one of the last things that travelers think about when planning a vacation or business trip. Many travelers assume that parking within the airport is the easiest and safest means to utilize. But, this may be a major mistake, especially at the Newark Liberty Airport or the EWR.

There are three levels of parking on the Newark Liberty grounds. It has the short-term parking which is found across the access road from each of the terminals. If you do not have a lot of luggage, you can walk very easily from the short-term parking lot. However, these slots are a bit costly as they cost $33 per day. By picking one of the daily parking garages, travelers can save as much as $9 each day. With this option they could pay between $24 and $27 each day depending on the choice of garage. The AirTrain light rail links these garages to the terminals, however, you will be forced to walk to one of the stations which could be a hassle if you have a lot of luggage. The most affordable on-airport option is the Economy lots, but they are relatively expensive as they cost #18 per day and the buses that link the Economy lots to the terminals are small and overcrowded.

Offsite parking Newark Airport has grown to be quite popular due to the hassles and the high rates charged to park at the Newark Liberty. There are more than 10 offsite Newark parking options with rates as little as $7.75 per day. This works out to more than 75% savings on airport parking. Compared to the on-airport parking alternatives, the offsite parking lots are much more convenient. The offsite Newark parking lots are situated near the main thoroughfares such as 1-78 and the New Jersey Turnpike. Hence the traveler will not need to spend time going through the airport. They also assist you with your luggage and drop you at your terminal. Thus, you may only be walking a total of 50 feet with your luggage in the even you use skycap.

For more convenience, a lot of airport operators have online reservation forms and even provide valet options for even more convenience. Making a reservation online for parking to guarantee your parking spot is an excellent idea, especially if you are traveling during periods of heavy travel like the holidays. You know what I am talking about in case you have attempted to drive around the Newark Airport trying to get a parking spot during the week of Thanksgiving.

The bottom line is that the offsite parking Newark Airport saves travelers a lot of time, money and most importantly, it is a hassle-free start to a business trip or vacation.